Meet the world's first

AI digital human teacher

Created by Otermans Institute, OIAI builds digital human teachers.

They can support you during your learning journey and teach you new skills according to your requirements, using AI technology.

Learn new skills using AI technology

OIAI teachers can listen to your voice and understand your messages, giving you a tailored support, in real time.

Why learn from OIAI?

We are educating the future using AI Tecnology

humanlike interactions in real-time

adapt to your requirements

for any device and 24/7

test your skills and improve

learn at your own pace

Can AI teach the world?

OIAI is committed to democratise learning using AI technology and by giving to everyone a virtual teacher in their pocket.

Learn about our mission and how OIAI teachers can support you during your learning journey.




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We believe in a world where learning is not limited by barriers but empowered by possibilities. We value the human aspect of teaching, where emotions, experiences and needs are respected and addressed. We harness the potential of AI to enhance the learning and teaching experience for everyone.


using Artificial Intelligence

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